Petite Fleur Essences for Pets

  Petite Fleur Essences  have been used for 44 years in complimentary subtle energy care  for behavioral and physical symptoms of domestic pets and farm animals under vet care.  Use our non alcohol, organically grown and distilled essences topically or by mouth The following individual Petites are located under the  Petite Fleur Essence pages: Original 84, Native Texan, Antique Rose and Therapeutic Essence Blends. Calm Pet, Hot Spots, Insect Repellent and Healthy Heart are available under the Pet Scents page. Please email or call any concerns.( 2935410). Not a substitute for medical or therapeutic care. General instructions: 2 drops of each essence/blend 2- 3x daily by mouth or topically.  2 drops may also be added to  1 ounce of water to ingest up to 15 drops, or spray onto bedding or apply to flanks of the pet. Bouquet of Harmony is in the original 84 essences and helpful for many conditions. When in doubt, use Bouquet of Harmony located in the 84 original page. Contact me for any symptoms not listed.

Arthritis: Chamomile, Zinnea (84 original Petites)

Arthritis aggravated by cold weather: Thyme (Native Texan)

Arthritis aggravated by humid, wet environment: Rosemary Native Texan)

Stiffness: Inner Strength Therapeutic blend, Viridiflora (84 Original)

Dysplasia: Inner Strength Therapeutic blend

Bone and structural support: Jasmine (84 Original)

Bone infection: Jasmine  (84 original) and Yarrow Native Texan)

Bone injury: Bouquet of Harmony 84 original)

Bone Marrow: Yarrow( Native Texan)/ Anemia:  Dianthus (84 original)

Muscle tone: Lemongrass (84 original)

Weak legs: Rosemary (Native Texan) and Inner Strength Therapeutic blend

Behavioral: Aggression: Abate Anger Therapeutic blend

Abuse: Ranunculus (84 Original)

Anxious: Amaryllis, Lily, (84 originals) Calm Pet Spray topically or around pet.

Barking: Calm Pet Spray near or around pet

Chewing: Calm Pet Spray

Depression: Bouquet of Harmony (84 original)

Excessive licking: Calm Pet Spray, Verbena (84 original) topically or internally

Fainting: Old Blush antique rose, Energy therapeutic blend

Fear of storms: Calm Pet spray, Bouquet of Harmony( 84 original) topically or internally

Feather picking of birds: Calm Pet spray over cage or environment

Hair or fur pulling: Reduce Stress therapeutic blend

Indiscriminate eating: Cravings Therapeutic Essence blend (wood, plants, bugs dirt, etc.)

Infanticide: Maternity therapeutic blend

Self injury: Bouquet of Harmony (84 original)

Social withdrawal: Catnip ( Native Texan)

Stressful conditions: Reduce Stress Therapeutic blend

Submissive urination( Polyuria) Pansy (84 original), UTI support therapeutic blend

Tail biting: Chamomile, Bouquet of Harmony (84 originals)

Timid: Daffodil (84 original)

Toe pecking of birds: Abate Anger therapeutic essence blend

Urine/poop ingestion: Detox Therapeutic Essence blend

Wind sucking (horses) Bouquet of Harmony (84 original)

Cancers: Harmony Therapeutic blend offers the most comprehensive help.


Appetite stimulant: Peppermint (84 original)

Suppressant: Chamomile (84 original), French lavender (Native Texan)

Burping/ Hiccups:  Bronze fennel (Native Texan)

Gastroenteritis: Yarrow and Thyme (Native Texans)

Irritable bowel: Purple garden sage (Native Texan)

Loose stools: Pink geranium ( 84 original), Yarrow (Native Texan)

Vomiting: Dill (84 original)  for acute vomiting, 2 drops topically on tummy or head every 5 minutes until symptoms abate.


Heart: Rosemary (Native Texan)/ Arrhythmias: Daffodil (84 original)

Lack : Tigers jaw cactus ( 84 original), Energy therapeutic blend

Lack of endurance: Old Blush antique rose collection

After exercise exhaustion: Basil ( 84 original)

Convalescence: Lemon grass ( 84 original) 

Too much energy: Relaxation therapeutic essence blend


Abnormal insulin: Dill ( 84 original)

Addison's, insufficient adrenal: Basil (84 original)

Diabetes: Evening primrose (84 original)

Hypoglycemia: Moss rose (84 original)

Infertility: Carrot and Jasmine (84 original)

Thyroid: Crepe myrtle and Toxic Thyroid blend

Genetic illness: Rose campion (84 original Petites)


Allergies: Allergy therapeutic blend, Lantana (84 original)

Bordetella: Thyme, Rosemary (Native Texans) and Resist and Protect therapeutic blend

Feline AIDS: Gaillardia, Blue Aster ( 84 originals) and Yarrow (Native Texan)

Canine Distemper: Thyme (Native Texan) , Cold/flu therapeutic blend

Fever: Yarrow (Native Texan) and Resist and Protect therapeutic blend

Giardia: Thyme (Native Texan) and Detox therapeutic blend

Hepatitis: Dandelion( Native Texan)

Influenza: Thyme, Yarrow  (Native Texans), Cold/flu therapeutic blend

Kennel Cough: Purple garden sage and thyme (Native Texans)

Leptospirosis bacteria: Thyme and Dandelion ( Native Texans)

Lyme's: Mexican oregano and Thyme ( Native Texans)

Parainfluenza: Rosemary (Native Texan) Cold/flu therapeutic blend and Ligustrum for sneezing (84 original)

Tumors: Blue aster, Gaillardia and Lilac ( 84 originals)

Nerve imbalance:

Epilepsy: Verbena and Bouquet of harmony ( 84 Originals)

Nerve pain and detox: Madame Louis Levique( antique rose collection)

General trauma: Bouquet of Harmony ( 84 original)


Bites and stings: Basil ( 84 original), Thyme and Yarrow ( Native Texans)

Fleas: Insect repellent Spray (Pet Scents spray)

Nonspecific: Amaryllis, Delphinium ( 84 originals), and Detox therapeutic blend

Heart: Healthy Heart (Pet Scents page)

Roundworms: Peppermint ( 84 original)

Tapeworm: Thyme (Native Texan)

Ticks: Stop Insects ( Pet Scents) use after tick removal


Bleeding Skin or Gums: Apply Yarrow ( Native Texan) topically every 5 minutes until symptoms abate

Fungus: Mexican Oregano and Lemongrass (84 originals)

Hairballs: Purple Garden Sage (Native Texan)

Hair loss: Rosemary and Thyme ( Native Texan)

Infection: Thyme and Yarrow ( Native Texans)

Itchy/ Mange: Hot Spots ( Pet Scents page) topically

Tissue repair: Yarrow ( Native Texan) and Regenerate therapeutic blend














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