Heart Point Graphic with Antique Roses continuing education

. The Antique Roses direct energy from the Heart, which houses the Spirit, to initiate the power of transformation. This energy can change mutations in the D.N.A., produce and control brain chemistry, balance the autonomic nervous system, and direct immune responses. Heart energy is involved in every thought, feeling, desire and movement of the body.

Only Heart energy can heal the unconscious, beginning in the womb and inclusive of the entire life of your mother, absorbed by the fetus. These experiences are stored in the amygdala of the brain until age 3, initiated with your first heartbeat. The unconscious holds our fears, blind spots, and conditioned actions with little or no control. An individual can repeat the same misdirected actions again. The Antique Roses vibrate with out True Nature to transform what we don’t understand about ourselves.

The Antiques circulate throughout the center of the Heart’s meridian system. First, the energy surrounds and fills the Small intestine, the Heart’s paired organ of the fire element. A branch now moves up the throat and tongue, activating verbal communication. The energy passes through the eyes activating the optic nerve and then into the carotid arteries, circulating throughout the head. Heart energy enters the lungs through the pulmonary artery to Heart 1 acupuncture point, at the center of the armpit and descends inside the arm to the nail tip of the little finger. (See graph) Energetically, this energy also descends through the abdominal aorta, directing qi between the kidney/adrenals and uterus, activating ancestral energy. (D.N.A.) The peak hours of Heart energy are: 11 am- 1 Pm(1300hours). This is also the best time to apply Antique Roses

Physical aspects indicated for the Antiques include: difficulty sleeping, excess dreaming, night terrors, shock, nervousness, longing and cravings, guilt, hate, unforgiveness, prejudices, disorderliness, difficulty integrating with your True Nature (self- communication) or personal/ intimate relationships.

Heart points located in the arm