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Exploring Life & Business with Dr. Judy Griffin of AromaHealthTexas


Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Judy Griffin.

Hi Dr. Griffin, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself. 
As I begin my 74th year sitting in a patch of Indian Paintbrush, I contemplate the past 44 years of Aroma HealthTexas. We are a family-owned, handcrafted service offering 500 different products that we organically grow in our gardens and process onsite. I originally distilled aroma flower products to support my twins’ healing from immune deficiencies and did not expect to live 50 years ago. When my third child lost 1/2 of his hearing and auditory nerves, I returned to the gardens to create floral essences, and 100% of his hearing returned within 3 weeks. I made a promise to help others and attracted clientele and a few distributors almost worldwide. My children and I developed a family business. We directed our passion for utilizing the self-health quality of flowers, 

I taught night classes at U.T.A. and T.C.U. and wrote Mother Nature’s Herbal, The Healing Flowers, Flowers that Heal Fairytale, and Around the World with Herbs course. We offered garden tours and full-moon drumming in the 90’s. 

Soon, I was interviewed on various radio stations in America and television programs, including Good Morning America. I hosted a radio station for Voice of America until I was featured in a documentary on many television stations and cable t. v., The Healing Power of Flowers. The business expanded quickly. I financed the business through various jobs, as well as a PhD in nutrition and as a consultant. 

I spoke day or night at local organizations and clubs, also consulting privately, at clinics and hospitals. I traveled to Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada to speak and teach at organizations, clinics, and the Royal Homeopathic College in London with Dr. John Lee, pioneer of progesterone therapy. I also spoke at the first International Flower Essence gathering in Findhorn, Scotland. My products are made differently from traditional flower essences but welcomed into the community on occasions. We do not use alcohol; we distill or enfleurage large amounts of fresh blooms to create the base of our products for topical, beauty, hair and skincare and pain relief. 

Over 25 years ago, I was asked to make products for complementary therapy at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. Over 20+ years at Baylor Hospital, I created light, aromatic blends to support patients with stem cell, bone marrow, heart, lung, and solid organ and other transplant recipients to help reduce symptoms of suffering, including self-esteem, grief, sleep, anxiety /depression, nausea, lymphedema and side effects of medicines. Soon, other departments were interested, such as sickle cell anemia, high-risk pregnancy, pulmonary, pre-, and post-surgical procedures. General medicine, speech therapy, hospice, and palliative care. Some of the nurses and therapist also enjoyed the Reduce Stress and Harmony Blend Aroma health essences. 

During Covid, my youngest son and I developed aroma health blends to support immune competence and reduce tension and fear of contagion. We also expanded our line of essences to include Native Texans, Antique Rose Collection, Texas Wildflowers, and Texas Native Butterfly essences. Then, we published the antique Rose Collection e-book with over 100 pictures of unique and native old roses from around the world. 

Recently, we started a new Youtube channel, aromahealhtexas, to teach from our gardens how our flower products can change attitudes and emotions, manage symptoms, and increase quality and purpose in life. Natural aromas change emotions in 1/100th of a second. Our info originates from ancient cultures, experience, and intuition to help fulfill hopes and dreams. We are a part of Nature and will find our answers and pleasures in a garden. Flowers emit a frequency, or light, measured in megahertz, with antique roses having the highest frequency of 320. Human energy measures 10-16 megahertz. We share D.N.A. with flowers. With sentience and beauty, flowers and plants can produce neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, without a brain! Researchers are studying plants to help us develop our brains and nervous system. 

I describe aroma health as “healing from the heart.” For what is Divine cannot be separated from its Source. 

I’m sure it wasn’t obstacle-free, but would you say the journey has been fairly smooth so far?
My challenges began as a female, single mother business before support for women and single parents were available. High-interest loans were not an option. For many years, my income was just enough to pay the bills. I created more work to finance the business. The income of a small business can fluctuate greatly from year to year, and I had 3 kids to support with growing appetites. Forty-four years ago, this business was not mainstream. People were either supportive or discouraging. I was raised to be a housewife and parent. I had no business experience and am introverted by nature. I had to learn to speak, teach, and entertain a wide variety of people. 

I worked long hours and worked as much time at home with very talented, creative kids. Some days, I wasn’t sure who was in charge of the household, but I evolved as a parent as they matured. 

My life was so full, it often felt overwhelming. I often feel like I am starting over attracting new clients and products to meet their needs and changes in the economy. 

I met many wonderful people, but I have few friends. People my age don’t relate to me and think I look like a kid. 

I have celiac disease and don’t eat like most people. Food can be challenging and add to stress, especially traveling. 

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about AromaHealthTexas?
AromaHealthTexas offers handcrafted products made from fresh blooms organically grown and distilled or enfleurage onsite. We create fragrant blends and sprays to enjoy without alcohol or chemicals. Sulfate-free shampoo and luxurious hair conditioners begin to enhance natural beauty from head to toe. Natural cleansers and moisturizers are available for every type of skin. Lotions protect and rejuvenate skin, while butter creams protect and support healing. We offer cleansing and harmonizing room sprays and floral hydrolats, refreshing every area of your environment. 

Products made for children and aroma blends are safe from essential oils that are estrogenic, such as lavender and fennel. 

Pet Scents include calming and protective aroma blends. We use our enfleurage essences and not essential oils for children and pets. 

We also offer low-scent and nonfragrant floral essences for chemically sensitive people. 

We prepare special blends for many conditions and preferences. 

We offer essential oils and education. 

Hand sanitizer nurturing for the skin without alcohol are available. We also offer a few insects repellent sprays, especially for Texas summers. 

Our website offers an array of products, my books, and informative blogs. We further educate the senses with aromahealthtexas YouTube videos. 

I consult in nutrition and aroma essences, often combining diet, nutrition, and aromas biochemically for clients. 

I answer questions and make suggestions by phone and especially email. 

Can you talk to us a bit about happiness and what makes you happy?
I belong in a garden or field of flowers. I immediately destress and experience child-like wonder. I sense communication, understanding, and belonging with Creation. I love my Akita. She is soft, fluffy and playful. She loves to smell flowers and walk in gardens. She is very careful where she steps and avoids crushing any plants. She keeps me smiling and laughing and loves to wear a variety of strange hats to entertain me. 

I enjoy walks. I never return with the problems on my mind when I started. “No worries”. 

I enjoy watching Italian mysteries and comedies. I challenge my brain to learn more Italian. I can express myself in another way. I am expanding by watching other foreign mysteries. I prefer period and historical films. 

I enjoy cooking for my family, especially on holidays. They don’t seem to mind that I eat something uninteresting. 

I enjoy drives into the country, especially if my friend, Mark, or my kids are driving. My dog prefers someone else than me driving also. 

I enjoy prayer, meditation, and learning to deepen my faith. 

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