Texas Oxeye, Wedelia texana acapulcensis Wildflower

1/6 oz or 1 dram
1/2 oz

Texas Oxeye helps us make delicate decisions during trying situations. Self -restraint replaces exasperation. The personality is able to accept and respond to correction, learning from mistakes until completion is achieved. The personality is gifted with an ability to put prideful feelings aside to achieve goals and become close and supportive in group relationships.

Native Americans and early settlers used Oxeye for symptoms of overexcitability, body tension, yellowing skin and fluid retention. They made teas, compresses and steam inhalants to calm the person during a trying affliction.

                                    "I make better decisions with a calm mind."

Massage 2 drops on clean, unbroken skin 3 x daily. Avoid eyes and delicate skin.

Testimonial: "Texas Oxeye is awesome. It has a great vitality," Patrick A.

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