Mealy Cup Wildflower (Salvia farinacea)

1/6 oz or 1dram

Mealy Cup essence helps us avoid or overcome regrets and learn make better decisions in the future. Regret is a whole-body experience, robbing peace of mind and possibly leading to more poor choices in the future.

Regretful thoughts can become consistent and perceived as missed opportunities. People regret being a better friend, spouse, parent, child or helping others more often. They wish they had made better health choices, lived their dream, chosen meaningful work, or worked less hours.

Historically, Mealy Cup was used by many Native American tribes. The seed heads were ground into a flour for survival food. 

Mealy Cup can enhance discrimination abilities and spontaneous better choices. Each opportunity becomes a satisfying learning experience with better choices and outcomes.

           " My choices lead to better results, opportunities and peace of mind."

 Massage 2 drops 3 x daily on clean, unbroken skin on wrists. Avoid eyes or delicate skin.

Testimonial: "I'm learning not to look back in regret of things I can't change. I'm focused on the Now and future, making better choices daily." Tanya

"Excellent! "John R.





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