Firewheel Texas Wildflower, Gaillardia aristate/pulcella

1/6 oz or 1 dram
1/2 oz

Fire wheel helps those living on the edge with little time for self -nurturing. The essence helps us manage time and shift attention to more subtle internal processes. It builds an understanding of how our emotions connect to Nature and the environment. This deep connection within can also focus on inner communication and how our body communicates to us.

Native Americans used Fire wheel as a rub on swellings. They also used it for disharmony with the "soul". 

Fire wheel attracts bees, hummingbirds, caterpillars and small mammals.

                          I am connected with Nature.

Massage 2 drops 3x daily on clean unbroken or delicate skin.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Testimonial:" I am more relaxed." Jonathan.


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