Buffalo Rose Texas Wild flower, Callirrhoe involurata

1/2 oz
1/6 oz or 1 dram

Buffalo rose replaces aggravation and inflexibility with creative change and vision of the future. Planning and decision making are enhanced with an ability to understand other possibilities and share this info with others. The personality innately understands compatibility with others and how to work together to make visions happen.

Historically, the root has been used as a prairie food that tastes like a sweet potato by Texas settlers. The flower was historically used in teas steamed with other prairie flowers. Buffalo Rose essence is nonfragrant and has no taste.

                       " I am flexible, keeping an eye on the future."

Massage 2 drops on clean skin 3 x daily . avoid eyes, delicate and broken skin.

Steam distilled in glass and held in organic vegetable glycerin.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Testimonial: " I see a better future for me and more possibilities coming." Larry.

"I didn't realize I was inflexible until someone who cares suggested I use this essence. Now I know!" Mark.

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