Blue Mist Texas wild flower, Conoclinium greggi

1/6 oz or 1 dram
1/2 oz

Blue Mist essence helps us perceive and correct emotional hooks in relationships. These hooks grab our attention and keep us emotionally invested in incompatible relationships and friendships These are like blind spots cloaked in illusions that distort reality, in rarely healthy relationships. One hook is to fix or continue to help another. Feeling dependent on another for worthiness and security, despite red flags is another symptom. One may struggle to let go yet justify a relationship with excuses or by putting another on a pedestal. Rejection by another can add to the drama of the" relationship of your dreams"... and more excuses.

Blue Mist essence encourages an honest conversation with yourself, looking beyond the hook. Evaluate the good and difficult aspects of the relationship. Often people discover they were only having a relationship with themselves.  The "partner of their dreams" wasn't very responsive, interested, or too busy to spend quality time, married or in another relationship. Know the blind spot and look beyond the hook. Emotional hooks can occur in many relationships: work, social, family and friends.

                         " I develop healthy, balanced relationships."

Blue Mist flowers are essential to Queen and Monarch fall migration and reproduction They also attract and feed Rawson Metalmark butterflies.

Massage 2 drops on clean skin 3 x daily.

Testimonial:" Blue Mist helped me understand why my former relationships didn't last", Jack.

"I made the mistake of thinking others would change. Now I wait and watch others behavior in many situations before I dive into a relationship," Betty.


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