Reduce Stress ( Lavender, Spike and Provence scent)

2 oz Spray
1/2 oz concentrate
1 dram(1/6 oz.) concentrate

 Reduce Stress Essence blend calms emotional, environmental, and mental triggers of stressors. The essences help build strong, resilient behavior to challenges, such as career and relationship changes, allowing more energy for everyday functions.  

The essences in Reduce Stress include a variety of old fashion Antique roses, vanilla, lavenders  and a native Texas variety of verbena.

Massage 2 drops on wrists or mist neck 3 x daily, or as needed.

Testimonial: Sherry:

"I use Reduce Stress daily as my fragrance because it keeps me calm.".

"Smells divine...I love the smell, not to mention the feeling of being more calm and relaxed. My cat seems to enjoy it as well. We both feel the benefits. Thank you for developing these products, "Annette W.

"Very helpful! It's very helpful at bedtime to calm me down, and other times when I need to let go of accumulated tension", Judy S.

"I feel a direct and strong effect", Notker.

"I've been using reduce stress for years. It really helps when nervousness kicks in. Don't like to be without it. Thank you for all your hard work," Sherrie H.

"It's quite reliable at getting me calmed down before bed," Judy S.

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