Practioner's Essences

 Petite Fleur Essences have subtle , yet profound effects on our psycho spiritual, physical and emotional levels, releasing sound, aroma and color (electromagnetic) energy for physical healing immediately. They affect interstitial tissue and the fluids nurturing every organ and system.The tonal energy is like ultra sound. Some people feel the effects immediately, and some may take weeks. The body heals what is most important first. The body only knows how to heal, as we align with our true nature. The Petites also direct us to  unite with our true nature, aligning our personal will with the Harmony of all Creation. Physically, they work with the holographic brain to direct healing, which may retrace an imbalance, or quickly redirect the energy. Very often, redirecting energy  changes a long term pattern that may lead to imbalance  or illness. The Petites change psychological and beliefs no longer necessary for growth. As you read the signature of each Petite, notice they retrace  experiences that affected personality growth since birth. You do not feel negative symptoms as you heal. You feel a release, lessening of tension , anxiety and low self esteem. For example, You may have deep fears affecting control issues and inability to attract and maintain an intimate relationship. After using Petites, you will not experience the same triggers that set you into a tail spin previously. Overall, your inner peace ( I call it Inner Grinning) will increase. You will have more interests in life , perceiving obstacles as challenges you can handle.

Individual essences are  sans alcohol.The base is organic vegetable glycerin

The 84 practitioners  essences are all alcohol free  Mother Tincture, the strongest form of flower essence therapy. Each essence helps to heal and encourage personality growth. The essences also help

balance and encourage healing of physical complaints. These essences have been used in hospitals, clinics and privately the past 38 years to support subtle body self healing. They combine well with other modalities and may be applied topically to unbroken skin or  acupressure points and used in chakra balancing to support physical, emotional and mental well being. The Petites are organically grown from Texas varieties of flowers and seasonally  produced onsite. Distillation, extraction, gentle movement and curing are involved with used by Dr. Griffin.Flowers are gently removed from an abundant source, which helps the plant produce more growth and stay healthy.

For every symptom/ challenge there is a Petite ready to help.

Essences may be purchased singly or in a kit. Individual essences may also be purchased in a 1 oz. bottle as well as a 1 dram (1/6 oz.) bottle..

Suggested usage: apply 2 drops 2-3 x daily on unbroken skin, such as the throat, neck wrist, chest or acupressure points. I am now offering a  system of healing using essential oils, Petite Fleur Essences and acupuncture points according to the Oriental 12 point Spirit Healing Pathways. Contact me and I can send the program to you with handmade aromas and detailed directions.

Questions? Call or email Judy Griffin: 1800 4962125 / petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com


My intention is to promote self healing not to diagnose nor treat.