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Immune Enhancers Flower Essences Kit

Immune enhancer flower essence kit includes 28 Petite Fleur essences that enhance  the body's natural healthy responses. The essences reduce stress that involves emotions, memories and physical well being. They help us adapt and change problems, challenges and  processes.The body's intelligence is enhanced when stress is reduced. The  pre- frontal cortex functions correctly when the alarms of stress are turned off. The essences are used clinically and in hospitals to reduce stress during cancer treatment, pulmonary disorders, cardiovascular diseases,obesity, endocrine imbalances, such as diabetes, kidney/bladder problems. They  help reduce viral, fungal and bacterial symptoms, as well as promote a feeling of wellness during stressful treatments and pain  Theses are essences used  successfully clinically and in hospitals for close to 40 years with people of every age. Immune enhancers protect, reduce stress  and promote well being.

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