Herbal Longevity Tonics

Herbal tonics are highly concentrated, medicinal, longevity herbs. Historically, these herbs have been recommended to prolong life and enhance its quality. Dr. Griffin cooks the herbs over a long period of time on low heat to extract the highest potency of life giving properties. These were the super vitamins for ancient cultures. All herbals are organic and created by Dr. Griffin to enhance stamina and strength. Custom blends are available by request and consultation. The herbals can be diluted in water as a tea or in  juice. Some people enjoy adding an herbal to their coffee or morning tea....Ok., not everyone!

The longevity herbals are adaptagens, enhancing or reducing immune responses to maintain balance and avoid over reactions. For example, autoimmune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's, Psoriasis, and Lupus are over reactions. The immune system attacks its own body. Under reactions are ongoing and frequent infections. Adaptagens can also help regulate blood sugar, reduces stressful reactions and enhances the vital energy of the endocrine, immune and neurological systems in a variety of ways. Most adaptagens regulate and repair adrenal function. They work best when used daily, or often over a period of weeks and months. Many of my longevity tonics can be used daily for optimal health.

Being healthy in our time is much easier and enjoyable while using the Herbal Longevity tonics.

Herbal longevity tonics are available in 1 oz. bottles for $24.95, or 4 oz. bottles fro$99.80. One ounce is a 4-6 week supply.

For more information about longevity herbs and how they were used in past cultures, read Mother Nature's Herbal, by Judy Griffin.


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.