Essential Oil Healing Floral Water

Healing waters are a  byproduct of the  condensation of steam distillation. They are also called hydrolates. The Aroma Health  healing waters contain small amounts of essential oils from the plants being distilled because we do not use hexanes to separate essential oils as is done commercially. One gallon of plant material produces 8 ounces of very strong healing floral water. Uses include misting the face, hair and body for healing hydration,  deodorant, a natural cologne and toner. Hydrolates have anti inflammatory properties considered more beneficial than essential oils in Medieval times. Compresses were made for conjunctivitis and eye problems. Some of these healing waters were taken in small amounts internally for digestion, growths, overexertion, stress and immune stimulation. Many essential oils are toxic to the liver and kidney when ingested, especially undiluted.  Healing waters are diluted. They are offered in misters to be sprayed on the body. Please contact Dr. Griffin for more information and toxicity levels of essential oils.  For more information on hydrolates , essential oils  and flower essences for health read Flowers that Heal, by Judy Griffin, PhD.

Essential Oil Healing Floral Water is available in 2 oz. misters for $6.95 and 8 oz. misters for $16.95.

We have many healing water available by request. Please let Dr. Griffin know which ones you are looking for. 1800 4962125  petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com

My intention is to promote self healing , not diagnose nor treat.