Aroma Blends

Radiant Health Aroma Blends are highly concentrated essential oils diluted in sweet almond oil, uncut with other vegetable oils. Massage a few drops onto the throat, wrist,temples or area affected 2 or 3 x daily to promote radiant health and longevity. The heat of the body will bring out the essential oil aroma. My dilutions are therapeutic strength without adversely affecting the skin. Dilutions in a carrier oil allows the essential oils to last longer and the person wearing the blend enjoys the oils longer. The dominant aroma is listed with the title of the healing blend.. Recommended for 1 year usage. Good Manufacturing Practices

If you cannot use sweet almond oil, please email or call Dr. Griffin. She has other carrier oils for substitution. 817 2935410.

All the  aroma blends are available in 1 oz. bottles, 30 ml.