Female Health Products

Female Health Products support hormone balance,bone strength,bone density, fertility,circulation ,character development and calmness from menses beyond menopause.The products enhance every stage of a woman's life. Female Serenity longevity herbal regulates hormones, reduces menopause symptoms, promotes fertility and creativity, clears toxins and builds healthy blood cells. Female Balance supports hormone balance and production. Vitex longevity herbal regulates moods, heavy menses and clotting, relaxes tight muscles, leg cramps, reduces PMS and menopausal symptoms and is used clinically to reduce metastasis of certain breast cancers. Inner Strength therapeutic Essence blend enhances flexibility and bone strength, motivation and self actualization. Fimbriata Flower Essence is an antique rose that enhances creativity and a passion for life and libido. MCHC+K is a bone building calcium supplement with minerals and collagen essential for bone formation. Vitamin D3 is the safest and most absorb- able form of this vitamin/pro- hormone. Vitamin D increases bone density and is associated with cancer prevention.

Female Health Products support female hormone balance, neurotransmitter regulation and endocrine function affecting every part of a woman's life.