Vanilla absolute, Vanilla plantifolia

1 dram(1/6 oz.)
1/12 oz.

Vanilla absolute, Vanilla plantifolia, is a legend in fragrance. Vanilla frees the spirit from frustration, tension and unhappy memories.  The aroma is rich, sweet and has a balsamic, full-body fragrance. The oil of fermented seed pods is known as balsam of vanilla, exuded as rich, reddish drops of fragrance. Natural fermentation of the pod progresses over a month's time. The absolute is a solid, black mass, which is liquefied into a perfume. Vanilla absolute increases security.

As a natural perfume ingredient, vanilla absolute is a base note, extending the fragrance and length of the blend. It is compatible with most aromas, especially roses, clove, patchouli and Champaka. Dose lightly, more than a few drops can overwhelm a blend.

Vanilla should be skin tested for sensitivity. It is toxic if ingested.

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