Tuberose absolute, Polianthus tuberosa

1 dram(1/6 oz.)
1/12 oz.

Tuberose absolute,Polianthus tuberosa ,is an ancient perfume flower with an unusual, alluring scent. A little can transform many blends into an exotic perfume. The scent is  sweet, floral, soft , peachy and a little spicy. The unique  aroma is sensual, releasing inhibitions, fears and nervous stress encouraging peace of mind. Tuberose has been cultivated for its scent since Pre-Columbian times in Mexico. It can be worn neat or blended with Roses, Neroli, a little Ylang ylang extra and Bergamot. I make a hand made absolute from the highest quality floral. I have smelled some  absolutes that remind me of dirt, obviously made from pure quality flowers. Tuberose is an experience you will not forget. There is no scent that is so uniquely floral. Dose sparingly.  Blend Tuberose  with Wormwood, a very strong aroma, over a month's time in a dark, sealed bottle. Use several drops of Tuberose and only 1 drop of Wormwood. The 2 opposite scents marry into a light, fairy-like scent that compliments the character of the person wearing it, while defining boundaries.