Tarragon, Artemesia dracunculus, Essential Oil

1 dram(1/6 oz.)

Tarragon, Artemesia dracunculus, was originally known as Estragon.  French tarragon, sometimes grown in Hungary is much preferable to Russian, an inferior oil.

 Therapeutically, tarragon has been used historically to reduce PMS, digestive complaints  and various urinary problems topically . It is NOT recommended for pregnant women  or nursing mothers. It has also been used historically to eliminate parasites and reduce muscle spasms when used topically. In perfumes, tarragon, with a sweet and spicy scent ,is a base aroma, holding down and extending the fragrance of a blend. It adds a hint of spice to a blend when dosed lightly. It blends well with Carrot seed, Galbanum,  Tangerine, lime, Clary sage, Oak moss , Patchouli, and Angelica root. I  only use  1 tiny drop  in 1-8 ounce blend.The scent takes the highly odorous Galbanum down a notch so neither will overwhelm a blend. Refrigerate after opening to keep the flavor fresh. Never use Tarragon internally.