Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

 AromaHealth organically grows, distills and separates by glass therapeutic grade essential oils. They are pure and undiluted, fresh from the gardens. Essential oils heal on many levels: inhalation, touch, energy meridians , conscious and unconscious emotions and beliefs that trigger or drive responses. AromaHealth offers several applications and education to learn how to heal and enjoy your body. Use our essential oils in skincare, therapeutic sprays, lotions, pain remedies, hair and bath products and blends diluted in a carrier oil base. When in doubt about a choice, let your nose lead the way. And here's why!

Good Manufacturing Practices


Everyone is born with a unique scent they carry throughout life, like an apple or orange.  The aroma is often not detected on a conscious level, unless closeness or intimacy is involved. I like to think of a baby's smell (when the diaper is clean!) . The scent makes me want to get closer to breathe in the baby's  freshness. Essential oils and absolutes either harmonize with this scent, or help change it to its original aroma.A therapeutic essential oil is a highly concentrated, steam- distilled fragrant volatile oil produced by tiny glands located in various parts of aromatic plants. The oil evaporates quickly as the aromatic molecules by pass the blood brain barrier to effect the greatest healing. . Several pounds of plant material produce only one dram to one ounce of pure, undiluted oil. The material must be harvested when oil production is at a peak and distilled immediately. Only the purest essential oils and flower essences will unlock the healing capabilities of the flowers. AromaHealth essential oils are steam distilled and hand separated from the aromatic floral waters; we grow everything organically and distill on site. No hexane, chemical solvents, or synthetic additives are used to produce our essential oils, floral waters, and flower essences. We produce only the finest quality that Mother Nature has to offer. Essential oils are naturally anti-viral, anti- fungal, and antiseptic.

 Absolutes are natural perfume quality extractions of fragrant flowers and resins that do not impart all of their aroma from steam distillation, such as jasmine.Absolutes are purified from semi- solid waxy flower material.  Waxy particles do not dissolve completely and are filtered from the solution.  This yields an absolute, the highest grade of natural perfume fragrance, which also have many beneficial properties. Absolutes hold their aroma in natural perfumes better than essential oils. Essential oils are more volatile and dissipate into the air quickly, or saturate into a carrier oil base. 

Good Manufacturing Practices


Absolutes and essential oils may be combined in aromatic blends to complement each other and add an exquisite long lasting aroma to a blend. Absolutes also contain therapeutic properties of the original flower or resin.

Products sold by the dram, approximately 4 ml, or 200 drops. (1/6 oz.). Several absolutes are also available in 1/12 oz.

. See my class on You tube on Natural Fragrance, under Dr.Judy Griffin.