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Cleanse & Protect

Welcome to AromaHealth  garden of beauty Cleanse and Protect products.Start your day with Rose Geranium deep pore cleanser, leaving your skin clean and smooth.. Follow with a light mist of Lemon Rose Clarifier to produce radiant skin .Protect your skin with an application of Rose Gardenia sunblock cream. The antioxidants  reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while safe guarding delicate skin from adverse effects of the sun.Once or twice weekly, massage Rose Oil Mud Masque onto clean skin to tighten the skin and  increase elasticity. Rose Oil Skin Therapy may be misted afterwards on the T Zone or oily skin locations.  For those with oily skin or large pores, mist Eucalyptus Toner  in the afternoon and evening, or after Lemon Rose Clarifier. We organically grow and produce onsite Petite Fleur flower essences, essential oils and herbal skincare products to deep cleanse , rejuvenate and protect your skin. No parabens or sulfates used. Utilize our finest products to produce healthy and lovely skin, without makeup and cover ups.

2 oz. creams are also available in 1 oz. size.

Email or call any questions to Dr. Judy Griffin 1800 496 2125 or