Therapeutic Essence Blends

Therapeutic Essence Blends are organically grown aromatic old roses and  herbs distilled and hand separated onsite without chemicals or hexane,  producing the purest  products. These blends have been used in hospitals and clinics successfully over 25 years  to calm cancer patients  and  help people through many other illnesses, transplants and imbalances .

Bring the pleasure and helpful qualities of these essences into your home, office and family to enhance optimal well being and energy. Therapeutic aromas can change  your emotions within seconds of use. There is nothing faster or more pleasurable.

Experience your productivity increase as aches, malaise,stress of all types,and emotional imbalance fade away. As your body balances , sleep may also improve . Reducing stress may  also encourage frontal cortex function to increase, allowing better judgment and fewer  emotional  reactions and hypercritical thoughts. Life just gets easier!

READ MORE: Good Manufacturing Practices

 Therapeutic Essence Blends are available in 1/6 oz concentrate for 16.99 

2 oz spray dilutions for 26.99

1 oz. concentrate for 74.99


Click on the picture of the blend and a drop down box above the word quantity  will give you size options to purchase.

My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.