Antique Rose Collection

The 22  Antique Roses in this collection are grown from plant cuttings that are hundreds of years old. The essences are all Mother Tinctures, the strongest form of flower essences and produced on site through distillation, enfleurage, and extraction. A light rose scent is evident, which blends with each individual's unique scent to create the greatest subtle body healing.The roses are gently removed in the early day with sunlight available for maximum strength and processed onsite immediately. Roses are chosen from an abundant source of blooms by Dr. Griffin each spring and fall. 

The antique Roses are especially beneficial for past  neural memories, and communication with the most intimate self. They help intimacy and communication with ourselves and others. Physically, they are involved with how the nervous system commands and responds  The Antiques are used in hospitals, clinics and  personal applications, especially with complaints involving the heart, circulation and neuronal transmission by physicians. Emotionally, the roses keep us fully engaged and responding directly to our environment.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Antique roses are available in 1 dram (3.7 ml), and 1 oz. concentrates.  The Petites are non alcoholic.   817 2935410/

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

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 Dr. Griffin is available to answer questions and consult for all the Petite Fleur Essence applications.