Sweet Annie, an ancient healer in modern times

Sweet Annie, an ancient healing herb, holds promise to help our journey for a healthy lifestyle.Sweet Annie contains, artemisinin, presently being researched and used to inhibit replication of SARS-CoV2, leading to Covid 19.Many tests and studies continue to probe the possibilities for aid combating present super bugs/ virus. 

Sweet Annie is a nontoxic herb I offer in topical facial products and Petite Fleur Essence as an immune protectant. She contains anti inflammatory properties used internally for centuries against malaria. I have utilized her properties to protect the skin against aging and viral invasion. Our skin is the largest immune organ, requiring protection from environmental pollutants and sun damage causing aging.

We organically grow and steam distill onsite without chemicals or pesticides Sweet Annie offers simple pleasures in a light refreshing aroma and rare essential oil we separate without hexane, unlike commercial essential oil producers.

Commercially, artemisinin is available in capsules, derived from alcohol, methane, hexane and acetone extractions and microwave processing. Continuing our commitment for high quality, pure products, we are offering a 15% discount on ALL our Sweet Annie products: Sweet Annie natural fragrance and perfume; Sweet Annie Petite Fleur Essence,  Sweet Annie renewal cream, Sweet Annie under eye cream, Sweet Annie Wrinkle and Skin softener cream, Sweet Annie floral water spray.

Enjoy the uplifting, fresh aroma reminiscent off spring flowers, as you protect, hydrate and promote beautiful, healthy skin.


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