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Enhancement Feng Shui spray-increases life enriching experiences;
citrus scents

Deep Massage-for long lasting relief(of life's enriching experiences)
Fungal healing aroma blend-reduces all fungus. Rub it on the tummy to kill Cindidas yeast. External Only
Sinus Spray Therapeutic Essence Blend-opens the lungs and enhances breathing; offsets breathing pollution.
Elderberry herbal Longevity tonic-promotes vascular elasticity, corrects high cholesterol, and promotes cardiovascular health. Protects against colds and virus.Our 2014 crop is ready to brew!
Lemon Rose Clarifier-deep pore cleanser and clarifies radiant skin. Knocks out acne; great for T zone.
Old Blush Antique Rose Collection Essence-enhances energy and stamina
Insect Repellent-stop the itch!

*New Product* 
Linden Blossom Absolute-a great summer scent, tart and refreshing: softens tumors, plaque, cholesterol, gall stones, urinary stones. Reduces migraine, hypertension, insomnia, hyperactivity, colds, and flues. Helps reduce sweet cravings and helps seek inspiration from within.