Bitter Orange (Neroli) Absolute

The Bitter Orange tree produces Neroli absolute and essential oil from its intensely fragrant flowers.The absolute makes the best perfume. Essential oils lift quickly and do not have the staying power of the absolutes.Effects of  Bitter Orange absolute include antidepressant and calming,heart and circulation benefits,emotional strength,especially in times of stress;reduces shock, headaches ,and symptoms of post traumatic stress and chronic fatigue.

How can one flower do so much? When you smell this aroma you will agree totally. The aroma of Bitter Orange flowers has powerful psychological effects that are long lasting. Neroli flowers have a scent never before experienced, unless you live in Sicily where it is grown and produced.  A natural perfume will open your awareness to experience life and all its beauty in new and enjoyable ways. It is a natural pain reliever. When you smell it, your body releases endorphins capable of reducing and removing any discomfort.

The absolute of Bitter Orange is very expensive. AromaHealth is now offering an exquisite perfume of Neroli flowers in natural perfume alcohol. Alcohol is the only way to release this absolute. The power of this scent will penetrate your deepest desires and awareness to bring out your best in every situation.Allow Bitter Orange absolute to stabilize and regenerate long term psychological tension.

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