Antoxidant benefit of Aromatic Tumerones of Curcumin

The antioxidant benefits of Aromatic Tumerones from curcumin include reducing inflammation cancer and metastasis , high serum lipids,gastric ulcers,hemorrhaging, and necrosis of tissues, diabetes, Alzheimer's allergies, the effects of environmental toxins, depession and anxiety. Aromatic tumerones also protect the liver, reduce  allergies, clear the complexion and speed wound healing. Aromatic tumerones are 7x more easily absorbed than curcumin and turmeric. It is safe to use 400-800 milligrams daily.

Over 800 studies with cancer patients show tumerones reduce the incidence growth and metastasis of all cancers It reduces the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I do not recommend   taking it 3 days before surgery, as recommended by the surgeons .

For arthritis, aromatic tumerones are more effective than Nsaids. Studies showed noticeable improvement with osteoarthritis  within 4 weeks.  This includes pain and on site inflammation. All arthritics studied had noticeable reduction of joint stiffness.

Aromatic tumerones lowered cholesterol by 17% and triglycerides by 47% .Studies show improvement within a week. HDL, the protective cholesterol, improved by 29%.

Type 2 diabetics improved blood sugar levels and enhanced immunity due to tumorones ability to reduce oxidative stress on a cellular level. Specifically, beta cells and islet cells improved efficiency. 

Studies at UCLA about Alzheimer's showed aromatic tumerones clear amyloid plaque and metal toxicity  involved in progression of the disease. Aromatic tumerones reduce nerve inflammation in the temporal and frontal cortex of the brain most affected by Alzheimer's.

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