Parasite Infections or How to Catch a Parasite

How to Recover from Parasitic Infections or How to Catch a Parasite


People and pets are exposed to parasitic infections throughout life.  The remedies offered are often harsh and require a “die off” which can cause multiple, miserable symptoms.  Many parasites affect the intestinal tract and symptoms will begin with bloating, cramping and diarrhea.  Roundworms can travel to the lungs and cause coughing.  Parasitic cleanses can be costly and cause many uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms that persist after treatment.


Aromahealthtexas offers blends that turn parasites to ash to reduce die off symptoms for people and pets.


Parasite Blend targets many types of parasites over a 90 day period.  It is worn topically allowing the aromas and essences to penetrate through the skin and lymph.


Detox is a blend that can assist in removing toxins from the lymph and tissues so natural helper cells can naturally fight off parasites.


Healthy Heart Pet Scents can be diluted in a pet’s water bowl for nontoxic treatment of a variety of parasites and heartworms.  In Europe, it is taken internally b pet owners.


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