4 Types of Depression

Over 25% of Americans are being treated for depression. Symptoms include: feeling sad, tearful; loss of interest in pleasurable pursuits and goals. Appetite decreased or increases affecting weight. Agitation, restlessness, insomnia or sleeping too much, chronic lack of energy always tired, trouble concentrating, making decisions and or suicidal thoughts. Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, lack of self-esteem. 

There are 4 major categories of depression: Exogenous is triggered by events, external problems. Endogenous is inherited as a chemical imbalance and can happen anytime. If symptoms only last up to 6 months, it is limited endogenous depression. Depressive bipolar disorder sufferers respond poorly to antidepressants alone. They often take more than one antidepressants and have been depressed many years, only receiving partial relief from taking every antidepressant available. Manic episodes may be brief and go unnoticed. They very often require mood stabilizers like lithium, lamictal or depakote and antidepressants. Therapeutic Aromatherapy affects neural chemistry in 1/100th of a second, bypassing the blood brain barrierHarmony Blend is used in hospitals and clinics for all types of depression and bipolar disorder. Deep Sleep enhances healing sleep. Reduce Stress helps those suffering from post traumatic stress. Relaxation Blend reduces anxiety and restlessness. Energy Blend  increases dopamine and stamina. Learning Skills enhances concentration and good decisions. Self Image  enhances self-worth and reduces feeling of guilt and shame.


Personal Health Analysis

A personal health analysis may include symptom and client complaints, prior diagnosis by a physician or blood work analysis to balance and determine amounts of the correct foods nutrition and herbs for individual needs and metabolic pathways. Consultation lasts one hour. Dr. Griffin listens to the individual, writes a personal program for the client, answers questions, and gives referrals as necessary to assist each person's needs. Clients are offered one of Dr. Griffin's herbal tonics to increase energy or reduce stress at no extra charge.

A rapport is established with clients to promote a synergistic working relationship between Dr. Griffin and her clients, the consultation is educational. Additional supplements or supplies are available at the discretion of the client, Dr, Griffin works with each client at their level of understanding and ability to complete a program, No one is expected to sacrifice pleasure to achieve health. A moderate step by step approach assures success. Dr. Griffin's comprehensive knowledge of medical and complementary nutritional methods assists individuals in greater health without expensive tests. She creates a balanced nutritional program without depending on computer programs, fads, and outdated information.