Update on swine flu and H1Ni vaccine.

  There is a rising concern about the possible side effects of the H1N1 Swine flu vaccine. Many incidents of Gruillain-Barre syndrome have been reported. This is a muscle disorder causing progressive weakness that may lead to paralysis. It ussually happens after recovering from an infectious disease. A high protein content in the cerebrospinal fluid also occurs. Muscle pain and severe spasms are common as a reaction to the vaccine.

  Women in the first trimester of pregnancy taking this flu shot have a high incidence of miscarriage, over 50%.

  The high lead and mercury content should be a concern to survivors. Lead affects IQ adversly and deposits into the deepest layers of bone tissue for life. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can lead to palsy and ultimate death of nerve cells. Toxicity can take years to progress into a disease.

  In the U.S. , Congress passed a law relieving pharmaceutical companies from liability. So, if you are in anyway disabled, from anaphylactic shock to plunging blood pressure and death, there is no financial compensation or help.

  An alternative to injecting live or dead viruses into the bloodstream is to build a healthy immune system that is not dependent on drugs.

  Cold flu therapeutic blend is preferred by medical practitioners to protect their health, as well as individuals in highly susceptable environments rather than a vaccine. Consider using therapuetic  aromatic essential oils and essences in the COLD/FLU blend to reduce infection and symptoms related to viral infection. Cold flu can be applied topically or misted on the neck and near the face 3X daily or more as desired.Europeans prefer to mist near the nose and face for extra protection. Apply when exposure occurs