Winter protection during the Pandemic

We collected our finest products to protect you internally and externally for the coming winter. Always call or email any questions.

Improved Moisture Now Cream now fortified with Ice plant extract to increase hydration up to 30% ! Protect your skin as the largest immune organ, especially for exposed, dry, cracked, chapped, burned, or wrinkled skin. Safe for rosacea especially during winter months.

Immune Rollon strengthens lung energy to protect against colds, flu, asthma, as it reduces nervous tension and impatience. It is very beneficial to help people who worry.

Cold Flu protects the respiratory system against seasonal bugs and symptoms. It is the most successful blend in Europe, with doctors also using it for Covid 19 protection and symptoms.

Hand Sanitizer clears pathogens, fights infection, and promotes tissue repair and regeneration. It can also be applied to cold sores, cuts, bruises and rashes.

Resist and Protect creates a defensive shield, warding off negative influences and emotions: pain from emotional trauma. Symptoms may include headache, fever, sore throat, congestion, migraine, intestinal cramps and exhaustion.

Viral Escape is a blend of Petite Fleur Essences and essential oils to rid mucous, dispel viral replication, protect the lungs and circulatory system. Many clients have not had cols or flu for years using Viral Escape.

Echinacea Root internal herbal drops: We harvest 5 year old roots for maximum antibiotic effect. 15 drops diluted in liquid is a serving. Most commercial echinacea are leaves and 1 year old  roots, very ineffective.

Elderberry herbal prevents and reduces effects of colds and flu, tonsillitis. The berries are antiviral, anti inflammatory, immune stimulating antioxidants, lower cholesterol, improve vision and heart health.

Marigold Mint natural fragrance reduces bronchitis, asthma, spastic coughs, COPD symptoms and neutralizes many food poisons.

Maggie Antique Rose promotes sound sleep, reduce cold viral symptoms and normalizes intestinal bacteria historically. Add 2 drops to a cup of tea or hot water or apply topically like a fragrance.