Underlying Immune Deficiency

Underlying Immune Deficiency

Widespread immune deficiency in western society is due to Candida overgrowth.Summer heat especially flares many symptoms: gastro intestinal problems, constipation/diarrhea, inflammation,  mucous colitis,spastic colon, irritable bowel,female and menstrual complaints, vaginitis/white discharge,cystitis, chronic fatigue,chronic sinusitis,  chemotherapy,headaches, depression/moods, joint pain/arthritis, allergies,brain fog, ear infection, gum disease, thrush athletes foot, diaper rash.... Systemic Candida is a major factor in weight gain, obesity and difficulty losing and maintaining weight. It causes Cravings, especially for sugar, which makes symptoms worse. The usual essential oils for fungal infections do not completely remove Candida systemically.

We now offer a revised fungal aroma blend that immediately enters the blood stream and reduces at least 80% of fungal growth, while regenerating cells and protecting immune competence. Fungal bl;end is the fastest and most efficient remedy. Topical application can include the abdomen, pelvis area, feet or around the outside of the ears.Our aroma blends all include appropriate Petite Fleur Essences to keep essential oils active in circulation and deep tissue cleansing and continue antiviral protection..

One course of antibiotics, steroids or birth control pills can create systemic yeast that lasts a lifetime. A green drink, prebiotic/probiotic or home cure only helps symptoms, while the Candida circulates systemically throughout the body, creating more cravings and endocrine imbalances.

We also prepared 2 new natural perfumes to compliment immune enhancement and restoring and hydrating the skin as the largest immune organ: Marigold Mint and Rose Geranium.Our Natural Perfumes hold the highest frequency for broadcasting health throughout the body via circulation and the deepest parts of the brain.  These natural perfumes are made without distillation or heat. The flowers are handled with precision, time and care to produce the finest aromas to compliment your health care. 

We are also having great success using Clearing Feng shui room spray to greatly reduce viral and environmental pollutants in the office and home. We will be offering an antiviral collection of immune protective AromaHealth sprays and blends this month.