Post Viral Symptoms from Covid and Answers

Four out of five people experience chronic post viral symptoms after recovery of Covid, SARS, Epstein Barr and other virus. Even experiencing mild viral symptoms, can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome/ ME ( myalgic Encephalitis) that can last months, or years in reoccurring cycles. The onset of Covid 19 and SARS has led to research that can help us combat symptoms or occurrence.

Symptoms include:  chronic neuro-immune  exhaustion,cognitive dysfunction,racing or irregular heart beat,fevers, breathlessness,spine and chest pain,muscle aches,nausea and G.I. symptoms,disturbed sleep/wake cycles, buzzing or tingling sensations, loss of smell and/or taste.

Virus, especially SARS and Covid 19, disturb lymphatic brain drainage. This especially occurs during the night.Poor drainage leads to pro-inflammatory cytokines, building in the central nervous system and passing through the blood brain barrier to the hypothalamus and other organs as symptoms occur. The higher the cytokine count during a viral assault, the greater chances of post viral symptoms. High cytokine count does not always correlate with viral symptoms.Post viral symptoms occur afterwards and can become reoccurring.

Here are some products we have successfully used to combat or avoid symptoms.

Post Viral Exhaustion (Chronic fatigue syndrome and ME: Marie Pavie Antique rose ( Petite Fleur Essences): 2 drops on wrist or neck 3 x daily.

Enhance lymphatic brain drainage to reduce high cytokine pro- inflammation: Lymph Flow massage lotion: massage on limbs and thoracic spine 2-3 x daily.

Echinacea Petite Fleur Essence aids in brain lymphatic drainage (see Immune Enhancer digital lecture in books and lectures on website): 2 drops 3 x daily, especially at night and bedtime.

Chest pain and anxiety: Compassion AromaHealth Essence. Spray: 3 x daily or as needed for symptoms; Drops: 2 drops on wrist or chest  3 x daily, or as needed.

Sleep Cycle: Deep Sleep Spray: mist neck/throat up to 3 x at night, especially at bedtime. May be repeated during the night. Drops: 2 drops 3 x at night, especially at bedtime; repeat if needed during the night.

Irregular heart beat: Daffodil Petite Fleur Essence: 2 drops on wrist or chest 3 x daily, or as needed.

Neuroimmune Exhaustion: Energy AromaHealth Essences encourage neuro muscular action through electromagnetic energy from the flowers.This reduces pain, increases motivation and energy to move freely. Spray: mist neck/ throat 3 x daily , or as needed. Drops: 2 drops 3 x daily on wrist, neck or clean skin, or as needed.

Muscle, joint and chronic pain: No more Pain lotion: Massage affected area 3 x daily, or as needed.

Nausea and G. I. symptoms: Tummy Aromablend: Massage 5 drops on tummy 3 x daily, or as needed.

Tingling, buzzing and/ or numbness: Relax the Shoulder lotion and Madame Louis Levique Antique rose (Petite Fleur Essences) Massage lotion on affected area 3 x daily; Apply 2 drops of M. Louis Levique on wrist or neck 3 x daily.

Cognitive dysfunction: Recall/ Memory or Adhd: Spray: mist neck/throat 3 x daily or Drops: 2 drops 3 x daily on wrist or neck.

Fevers: Resist and Protect AromaHealth Essence: Spray: Mist neck/throat 3 x daily; or Drops: 2 drops 3 x daily on wrist or neck.

Change in smell or taste: Harmony Blend AromaHealth Essences  helps clear cytokines form hypothalamus. Spray: mist neck/throat 3 x daily, or Drops: 2 drops 3 x daily on wrist or neck.

Underlying conditions that can lead to post viral syndrome include heart conditions, autoimmunity, diabetes, previous viral infection, such as Epstein Barr. Virus and residue can be stored in fat tissue, brain and lung. Include Lymph flow lotion, light massage of the thoracic spine and movement as possible in your health routine.

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