Autumn Lung energy and Immunity

Autumn is associated with lungs energy and immunity. The lungs defend and define the body as a boundary from the inner world and outer environment, a shield against Covid and upper respiratory illness. Strong lungs assure a quick recovery for exposure to infection.

The lungs enhance blood circulation and a radiant complexion by oxygenating every cell. Circulation to the brain also increases. Good posture and the ability to breathe deeply are signs of strong lungs.

We created several new products to boost lung energy and immunity:

Beauty Berry (raspberry aroma) inhibits viral bonding to cells which causes infection and also synergizes with other antivirals and antifungals for Candida. It has also been used to protect from leukemia, prostate and breast cancer, and protect the lungs during transplant surgery. It helps those with memory impairment and Alzheimer's. Topically, use it on new scars, for resisting M.R.S.A. infection and lightening aging, vitiligo and dark spots on the skin.

Sweet Violets natural perfume stimulates healthy lymphatic function, cleans the blood of impurities and helps heal respiratory illnesses. It helps dissolve fibrous breast tissue, cysts, swollen lymph and varicose veins. It helps heal stubborn skin problems, bedsores and acne. The lovely fragrance enhances smell and also has anti tumor and antirheumatic properties.

Tranquility (vanilla/blueberry) assures deeper, longer sleep, including those with sleep apnea. It helps conditions of asthma, bronchitis and laryngitis, dry mouth, pain, chronic swellings, psoriasis, eczema, colic and panic. It is calming for autistics. Lactation is enhanced.

Affection (Pineapple) enhances nervous system balance, signaling to cells and helps neuropathies and neurological disorders. It helps release enzymes to lose weight and relieve digestive disorders. It calms anxiety depression symptoms and helps us through complicated relationships 

Awareness (cherry) enhances group consciousness and common constructive goals for the Collective Consciousness. It is a retinol dilator which also protects against retinol damage, improves circulation and iron saturation of cells. The energy helps restore collagen and elasticity of connective tissue, reduces stress hormones and balances sacral cranial function. Antioxidants helps reduce cancer cell growth, autoimmune reactions and chemical imbalance affecting brain efficiency.

Dandelion herbal is highlighted this month also. My friend ,Vicky, in the UK emailed research about how the leaves block Covid infection, SARS and HIV infection. It also helps recovery for symptoms.

Also on sale this week is Allergy, Resist and Protect, Enterovirus, Strong Lung herbal and Moisture now cream.

I hope you enjoy a fall with beautiful colors and memories.

As always, 10% of our sales go to children's cancer research. Thankyou for being the greatest part of our service.