Wild Oats Essence, more than a Mood Enhancer

Recent research reveals a component of Wild Oats enhances Dopamine levels in the brain and body. Dopamine is a major neurotransmitter that enhances mood, energizes and powers the body and reduces Parkinson's, depression, cravings addiction, and many diseases of aging.

If dopamine levels drop 10% in the body, humans cannot survive. Dopamine levels reduce with age, but can be enhanced. Petite Fleur Essence Wild Oats is a nonfragrant topical liquid applied directly on the body. Effects can be noticed in minutes for most people.  Every day use for 3-4 weeks is recommended for optimal benefits. 

Wild Oats Petite Fleur is available for $7.95 for a month supply and does not interfere with medications. It is used professionally and personally for over 30 years. 

Contact me with any concerns at www.aromahealthtexas.com