Blood Sugar correction

Dr. Griffin made my Dad a special blend for his blood sugar about 6 months ago. His blood sugar was in the 600's. It took about 6 months for his numbers to drop to 130. The doctors are very pleased. My Dad did this with out insulin, only his special blend. Our whole family now has a special blend for their individual health  needs  now and we are all having positive results without side effects.

Dr. Griffin makes a special blend in phone consultation. Tell her what problems you have and she mixes flower essences and essential oils in a 1 ounce amber bottle. She mails it to you. Then, every day you massage 15 drops on clean skin twice daily. Sometimes she tells us where to place the drops on the body, the neck, the tummy,or the chest. Each month or 2,  when we call to reorder, she asks how we are doing and changes the blend as needed for no extra charge.

The consult with a blend costs $80.00. To reorder, it costs only $40.00, well within our budgets.

Our doctors don't mind us having a special blend because we are getting better and the blends are topical. Maybe the doctors should get a special blend too!